Tiger Balm


Red Extra Strength Tiger Balm with its cinnamon aroma helps relieve muscular aches and pains, soothes tired muscles, increases the circulation in arthritic joints, warms up muscles before exercise and eases soreness after working out. It gives deep penetrating pain relief for the most persistent sprains and deep muscle tissue damage. When applied liberally, the red analgesic ointment sits on top of the skin and is absorbed over time giving continuous and consistent pain relief to affected areas. Use it to unblock sinuses and to reduce tension and stress by rubbing the Red Tiger Balm into the muscles around the neck and temples.

White Regular Strength Tiger Balm has a higher concentration of mint oil than the red balm which makes it more cooling (less warming) than the red. It too is excellent for headache relief and migraines (rub a small amount on the temples). For nasal decongestion, put a dab under your nose. It is great for post-workout muscle soreness. The white balm is non-staining (the red IS) and is completely absorbed by the skin when massaged into symptomatic areas.

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Necessary Ointment, Red Strong, White Regular

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