Royal Jelly


Royal Jelly is a milky secretion that’s produced by worker honeybees that offers many health benefits.

For centuries people have used royal jelly to promote pregnancy and aid in female fertility. From boosting the immune system, to fighting colds and flu, to promoting healthy hair and skin, ask your natural health care provider how this all-natural supplement may benefit you!

We recommend enjoying the smooth and creamy texture of our all-natural Fresh Royal Jelly one quarter teaspoon at a time. Or treat your skin to a royal facial!

Your Fresh Royal Jelly ships cold, in an insulated shipping kit to ensure its freshness. Our 100% premium grade raw Royal Jelly contains guaranteed 2.1% 10-HAD and has absolutely no artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings or flavours.

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Recommended serving size is 1/4 tsp. Consult your natural health practitioner for additional guidance on use.

100% Pure, Fresh Royal Jelly liquid.

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