Pre-rolled Unpaper Towel, single ply


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    • Reusable paper towel with kraft roll
    • 100% cotton flannel
    • Single ply; set of 8; 12”x10
    • Handmade ethically in Canada

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What better way to be more eco-conscious than by swapping out something we use every day? These reusable “un”-paper towels can be washed and reused hundreds of times! Perfect for everyday messes, spills, and lint-free dusting. Comes pre-rolled around a kraft paper tube. They naturally cling together so you can grab one at a time. Made from single-ply 100% cotton flannel, 12”x10”, and hand-serged for durability. Handmade ethically in Peterborough, Ontario.

Pre-rinse if necessary to reduce staining. Wash with cold water with detergent of choice. Tumble or hang dry; avoid fabric softener and dryer sheets as these may decrease absorbency.

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